• Life-Changing Education

The EMPOWER program is designed to help advance Mental Health, strengthen faith and enable emotional wellbeing in times of crisis.

  • Best of Science 
and Scripture

Combining empirical research and Biblical wisdom to build resilience and promote recovery from high-impact life events.

  • Developed by Leading Experts

Developed by experts in Mental Health, Trauma Counselling and Family Therapy, and presented by Clinical Psychologist, Dr Robi Sonderegger.

  • Engaging Videos & Easy to Follow

12x highly engaging presentations, providing biblical wisdom and cutting-edge insights into mental health.

EMPOWER take complex concepts and presents them in both simple and fun ways that are easy to understand.

  • BONUS: 12 Workbooks Included!

Each session is accompanied by downloadable workbook activity sheets, that summarize and reinforce key lessons.

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